Must Have Baby Accessories

Having raised three robust children with one still in diapers I have tried out countless gadgets to help with child birth, putting a cranky infant to sleep, teething, potty training and what not.  image- baby accessories- must have2After experimenting with quite a few products; most of them not delivering the promised results, I have come to the conclusion we as mothers fall for all sorts of gadgets to help us keep our baby happy and calm. While the truth is that though there are some accessories which are essential, each baby acts according to his/her own personality and we can help our little ones calm down with our attitude. A calm and relaxed mom and even dad eventually have a calm and happy baby.

As to the accessories I feel made my life easier and am still using with my toddler, I have only 5 things which I believe are a must for moms and are really basic.

  1. Nursing Pillow:
  2. Learning to breast feed is at times a challenge in itself especially when you find a specific position which is easier to breast feed your baby but is uncomfortable for you if you sit for long durations in that posture. There are a variety of nursing pillows to choose from but the standard V shaped pillow is good enough. There are some mothers who do not need nursing pillows, but I felt it helped support my back and the baby at the same time. I purchased it once have kept if safe for all babies and the best part is they are also a good support for the baby’ initial sitting days where they are learning to balance themselves.


  3. Bathing Support:
  4. Another must have in my list! Bathing newborns on your arms can be quite tricky. Bath support is especially designed for newborn infants to help parents bathe them while they are supported by the bath support and able to use both their hands. You can use these in a bathtubs and even large sinks. Remember, never to leave your child unsupported in the bath support even for a minute as this can cause your baby to slip in the water which could prove to be fatal.


  5. Car Seat and Stroller:
  6. A car seat is essential while on the go, wheras you can’t imagine taking your baby around without a stroller. While choosing a car seat I prefer an infant car seat which is easy to click on to the base and the stroller instead of a convertible. Besides you don’t have to wake up your sleeping infant while transporting him to the stroller or indoor from the car. image- baby accessories- must have 1
    You will however eventually have to move on to a convertible seat, therefore the choice to purchase an infant car seat or a convertible depends on how much you plan on commuting with your newborn. I opted for a stroller with an infant seat from a well known brand which is currently being used by my third baby.


  7. Changing Mat:
  8. A changing mat is an all rounder when it comes to changing baby’s diapers. You don’t necessarily have to purchase a hanging table since with a changing mat you have the independence of changing baby’ diapers in on your bed, the living room and you can also carry around a portable changing mat in your baby bag for changing diapers while travelling.


  9. Swaddle Blankets:

Swaddling babies has been in practice since the good old times of our grandmas. Newborns like to be swaddled as it helps them feel secure, maintain body temperature and helps them sleep better since they don’t wake up startled due to their reflexes. While swaddling make certain to use appropriate swaddling techniques, thin swaddling clothe during summer and warm swaddling blankets during winter.