Housing a Larger Family

Once you have a family your lifestyle changes accordingly. A small home which was in the past neat and immaculate all of a sudden after the arrival of your children seems cluttered and small. As children grow so does the need of their privacy which means more room to accommodate your family members.

In such a scenario how do you make more space in your house to make it spacious enough for the whole family to live in peace without running into each other and leaving the house in a state of disarray.There are two options for homeowners when it comes to making space for their children’s play section, an area to study or an extra room.


Home Expansion: You can opt to expand a portion of your house converting it into a playroom for your toddler or if your children are grown and need a room of their own you could turn it into a separate room for them. Look into your home structure and the areas where expansion is possible. For teenagers the basement could become a spacious bedroom and if possible attach a bathroom and turn it into a mini master suite for them which they will cherish. But if your child is a mere toddler it is not advisable to put him in the basement since he will require constant monitoring and the basement is somewhat isolated from the rest of the house.

If you are considering adding rooms to your house or even another story, consult a couple of architects in your area and get an estimate along with ideas about making your home bigger. The best part about expanding your home is that you can either blend it with your current home structure or create something unique which complements the old structure but has a style of its own.

Buying a Bigger Home: Home expansion is not for everyone; since you might not have the extra space to add on rooms. This is when you should seriously consider moving into a bigger home. Talk to your local property agentsabout selling your current home.If you get a good value for it, you could apply for a mortgage on the new house and move in a bigger and better place.

However, while buying bigger homes don’t overdo the home size and go for something perfect for your family, nothing oversized; because in the long run maintaining, heating and cooling large homes does become a hassle. Look for homes which are bigger than your current home and also have an option to add rooms if requiredin the future.

Irrespective of the method you opt for, if your finances allow do increase your home area for your growing family. With areas designated for different activities your home will definitely be more organised and the atmosphere serene.


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